Introducing ronna, ronto, quetta and quecto, the most recent items of measurement


4 new prefixes have been added to the metric system to assist measure the biggest and smallest issues within the universe. (Picture credit score: Shutterstock)

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For the primary time in additional than three a long time, officers have designated brand-new prefixes that may be utilized to items of measurement throughout the metric system. 4 new prefixes — ronna, ronto, quetta and quecto — will enable scientists to quantify the very largest and smallest issues within the universe.

The brand new prefixes had been voted in by scientists on the twenty seventh assembly of the Basic Convention on Weights and Measures (GCWM) (opens in new tab), which was held from Nov. 15 to Nov. 18 at Versailles Palace close to Paris in France. The brand new phrases are a part of the Worldwide System of Items, often known as the metric system, which is the first measurement system for each nation on this planet other than Myanmar, Liberia and the U.S., which all predominantly use the imperial system of measurement, in line with the CIA (opens in new tab)

The brand new prefixes may be utilized to any of the seven base items within the metric system: grams (g) for weight; meters (m) for distance; seconds (s) for time; amps (A) for electrical present; kelvin (Ok) for temperature; moles (mol) for quantity of substance; and candela (cd) for luminosity, in addition to different items, akin to bytes for computing.

One ronna (R) is the equal of 1 octillion of one thing (10˄27 or 1 adopted by 27 zeros), whereas one ronto (r) is the equal of 1 octillionth of one thing (10˄minus27 or a decimal level adopted by 26 zeros and a 1). One quetta (Q) is the equal of 1 nonillion of one thing (10˄30) and one quecto (q) is the equal of nonillionth of one thing (10˄minus30).

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That is the primary time that new prefixes have been added to the metric system because the addition of zetta (10˄21), zepto (10˄minus21), yotta (10˄24) and yocto (10˄minus24), which had been all voted in by the GCWM in 1991.

The brand new names begin in ‘r’ and ‘q’ as a result of these had been the one letters to not be presently assigned within the metric system. The final letter of prefixes for big issues is at all times an ‘a’ and the final letter of prefixes for small issues at all times ends in an ‘o.’ The remainder of the phrases are loosely based mostly on the Greek and Latin phrases for 9 and 10 as a result of the brand new prefixes are the ninth and tenth largest and smallest prefixes within the metric system.

Utilizing the brand new prefixes Earth weighs round 6 ronnagrams.   (Picture credit score: Shutterstock)

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The primary purpose for the brand new prefixes is that knowledge science has superior a lot and there’s now a lot larger want for larger digital storage in computing, representatives of the U.Ok.’s Nationwide Physics Laboratory (NPL), who led the push for the brand new prefixes, wrote in a assertion (opens in new tab).

“By way of expressing knowledge in yottabytes, which is the very best prefix presently, we’re very near the restrict,” Richard Brown (opens in new tab), a metrologist at NPL who formally proposed the brand new items on the GCWM assembly, advised French information company AFP (opens in new tab). It will not be lengthy earlier than laptop scientists want to start out storing knowledge in ronnabytes after which quettabytes, he added.

The brand new prefixes for big issues — ronna and quetta — are additionally the right scale to assist astronomers to neatly weigh planets, Brown mentioned. For instance, Earth weighs roughly 6 ronnagrams and Jupiter weighs in at round 2 quettagrams, he added.

The inclusion of the prefixes for tiny issues — ronto and quecto — is required to supply steadiness to the scales. “On the backside finish, it is smart to have a symmetrical enlargement,” Brown mentioned. The brand new measurements may be useful for researchers in fields like quantum and particle physics, the place scientists measure actually small issues, he added.


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